Who will lead the planning process?

The process is being guided by a 38-member Steering Committee of citizens who were selected from a pool of 228 applicants through a rigorous process to ensure that the committee represents the diverse interests in the city. The group will meet regularly throughout the process to plan outreach activities, discuss technical analysis and give input on the direction of the plan. The process will be overseen by the City’s Planning & Development Division staff in collaboration with a consulting team led by Planning NEXT of Columbus, Ohio. The team includes local and national partners with years of experience in crafting plans for communities like Greenville.

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1. What is Greenville 2040?
2. What is a comprehensive plan?
3. Why does the City of Greenville need a Comprehensive Plan?
4. What is included in this type of plan?
5. How will this affect me?
6. Who will lead the planning process?
7. How can I get involved?
8. Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas?
9. How will my input be used?
10. How is Greenville 2040 different from other planning processes in the community?
11. What is the timeline for completing the plan?
12. Where can I learn more?