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Posted on: June 7, 2021

Greenville City Council Approves Budget Focused on Neighborhoods and Public Safety

Illustrative Text: Fiscal Year 2022 Primary Focus Areas for General Fund Expenditures

Greenville City Council unanimously approved a nearly $144 million General Fund budget for fiscal year 2022. General fund revenue comes primarily from property taxes and business and insurance licenses. Projected revenue is $136 million. The City proposes using just under $8 million from its fund balance to make up the difference. The fund balance is maintained for this purpose and the City will still have fund balance more than the 20% target. The FY22 budget does not include a tax increase.

Primary Focus Areas for General Fund Expenditures

  • Neighborhood Infrastructure and Traffic Safety
  • GVL2040: Open Space, Affordable Housing, Mobility
  • Economic Development
  • Public Safety and First Responders

The budget includes a $32 million Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond. The bond will allow significant investment in streets, sidewalks, and public spaces without a tax increase, through restructuring Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plans and future growth in City revenue.

Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond Breakdown

  • $11 million for road and bridge improvements
  • $7 million for parks, recreation, community centers, playgrounds, and sports courts.
  • $6.1 million for transportation management, traffic signals
  • $5.4 million for sidewalk construction
  • $2 million reserve/contingency 

In addition to the Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond program, the FY22 budget includes approximately $3.7 million for sidewalk improvements in the City’s Special Emphasis Neighborhoods, funded using the CDBG Section 108 Loan Program. 

To further pedestrian safety efforts, Councilman John DeWorken proposed an amendment that sets aside up to $250,000 to identify the streets that pose the greatest risks, then design and construct projects identified by that process.

“Earmarking these funds ensures our children can walk to school and the park with less worry for parents,” said Councilman John DeWorken. “We are seeking to provide more protection to citizens walking their dogs, going for a jog or enjoying an evening stroll.”

"Our most solemn responsibility as elected officials is to ensure the safety of the citizens that we serve - this undertaking is an important and necessary step to that end,” said Councilman Wil Brasington. “We aim to scour our city thoroughfares for all existing and foreseeable safety concerns, leaving no stone unturned in the process. The well-being and peace of mind for Greenville's pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers is our end goal here."

City Council adopted the twenty-year long-range GVL2040 plan in February. Staff, stakeholders, and community leaders spent 18-months developing a road map for Greenville’s balanced growth with a focus on open spaces, affordable housing, and mobility.

Spending on GVL2040 Priorities

  • $6,650,000 for sidewalks, trails, and intersection improvements
  • $500,000 for Land/Open Space Acquisition
  • $250,000 For enhancement of the City’s Tree Canopy

Affordable Housing Investment 

  • Proposed Amendment to General Fund CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) FY22-26
  • $10.5 million over 5 years from the City ($1 million in FY22)
  • $7 million over 5 years from County Square Funding ($5 million from City, $2 million from County earmarked for Haynie-Sirrine area)

Public Safety makes up the largest portion of the City’s General Fund budget. The proposed FY22 budget continues to make investments in Law Enforcement and Fire protection for our residents and businesses.

Significant Public Safety Investments

  • $1.2 million Fire Station Improvements
  • $370,000 Police Body Camera Contract
  • $125,000 for Police LEC Facilities – space needs assessment and planning funds
  • $45,000 to support a Homeless Services Coordinator with non-profit partner

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