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City of Greenville

Design Review Board – Neighborhood Panel

Agenda Workshop

12:00 PM Tuesday,  May 31st, 2022

Please use the following methods to attend the meeting.

Virtual Meeting Viewing

Password: meetnow

Telephone: 1-415-655-0002

WebEx Event Number:  2347 237 8125

Note: The primary purpose of this workshop is for the Design Review Board – Neighborhood Panel to receive an overview of the applications on the upcoming public hearing agenda.  The workshop is a public meeting open to the general public.  No action or votes will be taken by the board on any agenda item at the workshop.  Likewise, no public comments will be received during the workshop.  Persons wishing to comment on an application are invited to do so at the public hearing on June 2, 2022.  

Application materials are included with the Public Notice for the June 2nd, 2022 Public Hearing.

1.    Welcome




A.    CA 22-360

Application by KURT WALLENBORN for an ADDITION AND RENOVATION for 107 East Park Avenue (TM# 0034000201903).



B.    CA 22-361

Application by BEN CALVIN for a RENOVATION for 413 Overbrook (TM# 0192000101000).



C.    RHP 22-362

Application by KURT WALLENBORN for a PRELIMINARY SPECIAL TAX ASSESSMENT for 832 Wade Hampton Blvd. (TM# 0189020205500; 0189020205400; 0189020205300; 0189020205200).



4.    Other Business

A.    None

5.    Adjournment

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