Planning Commission


Official Agenda



City of Greenville
Planning Commission
Special Called Meeting
4:00 PM January 12, 2021


1. Call to Order

2. Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

3. Roll Call

4. Acceptance of Agenda




A. GVL2040 City of Greenville Comprehensive Plan (Z-1-2021)
Application by City of Greenville for adoption of the GVL2040 City of Greenville Comprehensive Plan and associated consistency policy. The City of Greenville and consultant team (czb, LLC and Ingalls Planning & Design) in conjunction with the Steering Committee and community at-large, has developed this update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan to shape Greenville’s growth and evolution over the next two decades. The plan provides a city-wide vision, priorities, and planning framework centered around key elements, as outlined in the document. These documents can be accessed online at



6. Adjournment
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