Communications Specialist

About the Position

The expanding field of Public Safety Communications is looking for people who are interested in a wide range of tasks and emerging on-the-job technology. The emergency communications field offers variety, excitement, and numerous opportunities for personal development.

Duties & Responsibilities

Communications Specialists provide call response for 911 emergency and non-emergency calls where call-takers assess and classify call situations to ensure adequate emergency response. The specialist monitors radio channels for all divisions of the Police Department and the Greenville Fire Department.

Radio operators use policies and judgment in dispatching units to both critical and routine situations. All calls are entered and updated utilizing a Computer Aided Dispatch system.

Work is completed under stressful situations and involves the skill of multi-tasking to be successful.

Shift Assignments

The Communications Bureau is a 24-hour division that functions with permanent shift assignments. Each year operators bid upon their choice shift, and assignments are based upon longevity scores and performance evaluations.