Financial Publications

The City of Greenville maintains an integrated financial management process to incorporate long-term financial planning into its annual budgeting and reporting documents.

By implementing a process with a longer-term perspective, it allows the City to proactively address major opportunities and challenges, to avoid short-term fixes, and to project capacity for debt issuance and pay-as-you-go capital projects. Each year, the City prepares documents to implement its financial management process as described in its policies.

  1. Annual Operating Budget
  2. Capital Improvement Program
  3. Annual Financial Reports
  4. Key Financial Indicators
  5. Transparency in Government

Annual Budget

The annual budget is the vehicle through which the Greenville City Council authorizes Greenville City government to fund operations during a specific fiscal year for specific purposes. The budget establishes the economic resources that are required to support these activities. The budget is a fiscal, planning, and policy document which reflects the allocation of limited revenues among competing uses.


FY2020-2021 Adopted Budget (PDF)

FY2020-2021 Budget Workshop 1 (PDF)
FY2020-2021 Budget Workshop 2 (PDF)
FY2020-2021 Budget Workshop 3 (PDF)

FY 2019-20 Adopted Budget
View Prior Adopted Budgets