Guide to Recyclables

  1. Accepted Items
  2. Unaccepted Items


  • All plastic bottles and jugs. The city accepts all plastic containers numbered 1-7.
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard - Please flatten boxes and remove all non-paper packaging such as Styrofoam, no pizza boxes
  • Mixed paper (magazines, bulk mail, phone books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Paperboard 
  • Steel cans
  • Used books
  • Vehicle tires (two per person), no rims or debris, no heavy equipment tires

Note: Scrap metals, appliances and tires are accepted for recycling at the curb, just not in the bin.

Recyclable Items Collected Curbside

Type of Item
Examples & Directions
Mixed Paper
Magazines, bulk mail, phone books, newspapers, chipboard (cereal boxes, cracker boxes), etc.
Cardboard Please Flatten boxes and remove all non-paper packaging such as Styrofoam. No pizza boxes with heavy grease or cheese residue accepted.
Paperboard No heavy wax covered paper accepted. For example, orange juice or ice cream containers.
Cans, foil or pie pans are all accepted if free of food residue.
Steel Steel cans and scrap are accepted. Please put scrap metal outside of your recycling bin for pickup.
Plastic Plastic containers numbered 1-7. Bottles and jugs or anything with a neck.