Neighborhood Infrastructure

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In March 2022, City Council approved a set of project recommendations to be paid for through the Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond, a budget program created to make road improvements, park and recreation center improvements, upgrade transportation management systems and build sidewalks. This page is designed to track the progress of those projects.

View the Full City Council NIB Presentation

NIB Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond Investing in Roads, Sidewalks and Public Spaces

Road Improvements

About one-third of the money will go toward road, street and bridge projects, with $6 million specifically aimed at citywide street resurfacing.

Italicized projects are in progress.

View the Seven-Year Paving Plan
Pavement Plan Cover Page

Street From To
Auburn Street Sewanee Avenue North Pleasantburg Drive
Birnie Street Ext. East Main Street City Limits
Butler Avenue Buncombe Street West Washington Street
Celand Street Ackley Road Maco Terrace
Cleveland Street Southland Drive East Faris Road
Grove Road Augusta Road Brookway Drive
Halton Road Rocky Slope Road Mall Connector Road
Hampton Avenue North Academy Street City Limits
Holmes Drive Dellwood Drive Auburn Street
Jenkins Street Horton Street Anderson Street
Keith Drive Airport Road East North Street
Legrand Boulevard Parkins Mill Road McAlister Road
Street From To
May Avenue Hampton Avenue Pinkney Street
McAlister Road Frederick Street East Faris Road
North Calhoun Street Pendleton Street North Markley Street
North Main Street Stone Avenue Rutherford Road
Old Augusta Road Prosperity Avenue Shemwood Lane
Old Augusta Road Augusta Street Prosperity Avenue
Potomac Avenue Augusta Street Prosperity Avenue
Rocky Slope Road Woodruff Road Halton Road
South Calhoun Street Pendleton Street City Limits
Stall Street Buncombe Road Stratham Street
Twin Lakes Road Chick Springs Road White Oak Road
United Way Fairforest Way End


Another recommended infrastructure project would improve pedestrian safety with the installation of “Pedestrian Hybrid Signals” at East North Street near Chestnut Street, Stone Avenue near Wilton Street and Augusta Street near Field Street.

There are 12 sidewalk projects recommended with an estimated cost of $8.7 million.


The recommendations include $4 million in traffic management projects. One of the projects would equip traffic signals with emergency preemption, a system that would allow emergency vehicles to move more easily through the city.


The proposal also includes several upgrades at City parks and community centers:

  • $1,840,000 for a center renovation, walking track and replacement park shelter in Nicholtown
  • $1,300,000 to reconstruct courts and add pickleball at Cleveland Park
  • $950,000 to reconstruct courts, add pickleball and make parking improvements at Gower Park
  • $360,000 for court reconstruction, parking lot renovation and park shelter replacement at Holmes Park