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Public input requested for Proposed Tree Ordinance Changes

The City of Greenville hosted a virtual public meeting to provide an update on proposed changes to the City’s tree preservation and protection ordinance. At the meeting, City staff shared an overview of the community feedback that was received after the initial public meeting in July and discuss the next steps.
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Resident feedback will be accepted through Oct. 13, using a short online survey. The draft tree preservation and protection ordinance update will be submitted to the Planning Commission for review later this fall. 

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Photo of trees along Wade Hampton Boulevard

The Land Management Ordinance

Section 19-6.2 landscaping, buffering, and screening.of the City’s Land Management Ordinance was last updated in January, 2011. Additionally, the City has published several master plans and the following Sections which outline landscape requirements:

Whenever applicable, all Site Grading Permits are required to include the tables, details, and specifications provided below. This information should be included and formatted into the standard drawing set of plans that are submitted to the City.

Removing Trees on Private & Public Property

Protection of the existing tree cover is intended to preserve the aesthetic qualities of our community, preserve the natural environment and enhance developed environments, control runoff and protect our soils and water quality, protect wildlife corridors, and conserve energy.The Heritage and Historic Tree designations are in place to help protect some of our larger trees. A Heritage Tree is any tree 20" or greater in diameter and located within the setback. A Historic Tree is any tree 30" or greater in diameter and located within the setback. Removal of Heritage and Historic Trees typically requires mitigation and replacement, unless the tree is on an existing lot containing an existing single-family detached dwelling. 

Additionally, trees planted as a part of an approved landscape plan must be maintained per ANSI A300 standards, and failure to do so may result in enforcement action by the City. A Tree Removal and Replacement Form is provided to help commercial and residential developments ensure their tree removals are done in accordance with the City’s requirements. More information about the tree protection regulation, please review section 19-6.3.2(C) of the Land Management Ordinance.


For more information, please contact the City’s landscape architect Edward Kinney at

  1. General Documents
  2. Standard Tables
  3. Tree Protection Details
  4. Tree Planting Details

Tree Foundation

The City's Tree Foundation program (PDF) offers the general public the opportunity to pay for the planting of new trees in our community. Possible locations may include within a park, public open space, along a greenway, or adjacent to a street. If you are a resident, business owner, or property owner interested in trees being planted along your street, the planting must occur within an existing space on public property.

Through the foundation, residents can donate money to have trees planted within a park, in a public open space, along a greenway, or in the public right-of-way on their street.

Tree Pruning Guidelines

Excessive pruning, topping, crape murder are unacceptable practices and will result in the property being in violation of the City’s Code of Ordinances. Such a violation will result in the property being noncompliant and the property owner will be required to plant new trees and shrubs in accordance with the current standards of the City’s ordinance. Please review the Tree Pruning Guidelines (PDF) prior to pruning trees or contracting tree pruning services.