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Visitors to the City of Greenville are encouraged to capture photos of their loved ones, their favorite plants, or the beauty of Greenville while enjoying their visit. City of Greenville offers a variety of photography options in its 46 city parks occupying more than 700 acres of land open to the public 365 days a year, as well as other photogenic locations throughout the city.

Professional Photography

Professional photography reservations shall be booked for City parks. Reservations may be made for 2-hour sessions between 8 AM and 9 PM daily. Weekday reservations are available for $25, while weekend reservations are available for $50. A reservation does not provide exclusive use of the park. For more information about photography park reservations, visit here.

Commercial Shoots & Film Crews

Commercial production photography or filming within the City of Greenville, which typically involve an entire crew, must complete a Special Event Permit with the City of Greenville.

This permit is for a professional photographer / videographer who requires for hours or less, including set up and tear-down time. The permit will only be given on weekdays and does not provide for exclusive use of a park. A minimum of 72 hours is required for notification by telephone.

This permit applies to a professional photographer / videography who requires extensive equipment setup, the reservation of a specific site on public property, restriction of public sidewalk or roadway. The permit may be permitted during weekdays, weekend and holidays, per approval from the City Manager. It may also be issued for any length of time. A minimum of 15 days is required to process the application.


For more information on photography permits, please call Joshua Balson at or (864) 467-4355.

For more information on commercial photography / filming special event permits, please review the Filming Permit Application (Online Form) or contact Mandy Watson at or (864) 467-4485.


Meadow Garden at Sunrise