COVID-19 Response

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, Greenlink remains committed to ensuring our customers get where they need to go. We also take the health and well-being of our customers and employees seriously, so here’s what you can expect when riding Greenlink:


Essential Travel

Due to limited capacity on the buses, we ask that passengers only use Greenlink for essential trips. Essential trips include transportation to and from work, scheduled medical care appointments, the grocery store and the pharmacy. Passengers should practice good hygiene (washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, coughing into their elbows) and stay home if they’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

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Social Distancing

The 20-passenger limit on our fixed route buses is designed to allow social distancing among passengers. It’s also important for passengers to maintain as much distance from the bus driver as possible when boarding and to stand at least six feet apart when waiting at a bus stop or inside the transit center.

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Masks Encouraged

Passengers are encouraged to wear a disposable mask, cloth mask, scarf or bandana to cover their nose and mouth. Free masks are available for customers at the information booth inside the transit center. Drivers have been provided with masks and a protective barrier between their compartment and the customer-boarding zone. Drivers must either use the barrier OR wear a mask at all times.

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Temporary Service Changes

Greenlink continues to evaluate best practices, local ordinances, business openings and other statewide orders to modify services. Currently, there are not any temporary service changes in effect. Please check back for updates.


Contactless Payment

Customers are encouraged to pay their fare using the TouchPass smartcard or smartphone app. Cash, coins and paper tickets are still accepted but using TouchPass minimizes contact between drivers and passengers. To help customers transition to TouchPass, Greenlink is offering the TouchPass smartcard for FREE through December 31. Beginning January 1, 2021, TouchPass cards will require a $2 activation fee.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

In addition to regular cleaning efforts, Greenlink is also disinfecting its buses at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. with a spray sanitizer. Additionally, drivers disinfect their work area, including the farebox and other high-touch areas, every two hours. Drivers are also equipped with hand sanitizer and all buses have hand sanitizer dispensers for public use.

Pandemic Timeline

Below is a timeline of steps Greenlink has taken to keep passengers and drivers safe while continuing to provide vital transportation services for essential travel needs.


  • March 13 – June 3: Suspended all trolley service. 
  • June 4: Resumed trolley service at normal operating hours with a 10-passenger limit on the smaller vehicles and a 15-passenger limit on the larger ones.
  • September 24: Increased passenger capacity to 20-riders on the larger trolley vehicles. The smaller vehicles maintained a 10-passenger limit.


  • March 19 – May 3: Operated under a “Zero Fare” policy. During this time, fares were waived and rear-door boarding was required unless a customer required ramp assistance. Additionally, the ADA seating area, which is located closest to the driver, was reserved for wheelchair passengers only to increase the distance between customers and drivers.
  • May 4: Resumed fare collection and front-door boarding.


  • April 2 – May 17: Limited the capacity on fixed route buses to 10 passengers per vehicle.
  • May 18 - September 22: Limited the capacity on fixed route buses to 15 passengers per vehicle. 
  • September 23: Increased the capacity on fixed route buses to 20 passengers per vehicle.


  • March 23 - September 13: Decreased the operating frequency on Route 602: Woodruff Connector from 30-minute headways to 60-minute headways due to Clemson University closures and retail/restaurant closures along the route.
  • September 14: Regular 30-minute service resumed on Route 602: Woodruff Connector.  


  • May 26 – August 6: Provided free masks to customers thanks to a mask donation from Upstate Forever. 
  • August 13: Resumed the distribution of free masks to customers thanks to a mask donation from the Greenville Fire Department.