Short-Term Rentals 

With the growth of the "sharing economy," the City is seeing an increase in residents using popular websites like Airbnb and VRBO to offer their homes for short-term rentals.

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Review these frequently asked questions before listing your property.

Can my home be used as a short-term vacation rental?
Homes in residential zoning districts can be leased for a minimum of 30 days. Vacation rentals can only operate with a permit, a license and in allowed, non-residential zoning districts of the City.

What are the residential zoning districts in the City?
The residential zoning districts are R-6, R-9, RM-1, RM-2 and RM-3. Use the tool at the top this page to find out which zoning district you are in.

My property is not in a residential zoning district. What are my next steps?
The City has two types of allowable visitor accommodations: Hotel/Motel and Bed & Breakfast/Inn.

 -Is allowed in C-3, C-4, S-1 and RDV zoning districts
-Requires an Occupancy Permit
-Can be in zoning districts O-D and C-2 with a Special Exception Permit

Bed & Breakfast/Inn
 -Must be an owner-occupied dwelling
-Requires an Accessory Use Permit for Home Occupation
-Is allowed in OD, C-2, C-3, C-4, S-1 and RDV zoning districts as long as all of the criteria here are met
-Requires a Special Exception Permit in zoning districts R-6, R-9, RM-1, RM-1.5, RM-2 and RM-3

Use the tool at the top of this page to find out which zoning district your property is in.

Along with the permits, owners must have a business license and must pay accommodations tax.

How do I report illegal vacation rentals?
Report illegal rentals to Planning and Zoning at 864-467-4476. If a short-term rental is a nuisance (loud parties, disorderly behavior, suspicious people or activities, etc.) call police on the non-emergency line: 864-271-5333.

Can I report these properties anonymously?

I still have questions. Who should I call?
Call Greenville Cares at 864-232-2273, and your questions will be routed to the proper department.