Parks and Recreation Regulations and Policies

  1. General Policies
  2. Dogs
  3. Picnic Shelters
  4. Community Centers
  5. Refund/Cancellations
  • The City of Greenville maintains the rights to alter or end an event at any time it is determined necessary to protect the facility from damage; or to assure the safety and welfare of event participants, park visitors, or the surrounding community. 
  • User(s) violating the existing rules and regulations constituting a public nuisance or potential hazard to persons or property, or exhibiting disorderly conduct, shall be served notice by the staff and expelled from the facility. 
  • The City of Greenville reserves the right to inspect all areas of parks and park facilities during private and permitted events without restriction.
  • Enclosure of any area or erection of any structures on park property is prohibited unless authorized by the Special Event Permit.
  • Enclosure of any area, erection of any structures including tents, catering trucks, public address systems, amplified music and electronic musical instruments can only be used for public events with the issuance of a Special Event Permit. (link to permit page)
  • Extra grills, cooking devices, Sternos and generators are prohibited in all city parks
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on public property unless authorized for a public event with a Special Event Permit. 
  • The renter is responsible for any damages to public property.
  • The renter must be at least 21 years of age. Youth groups (18 & under) must be chaperoned by one adult per 10 youth.
  • No park, recreational facility or its areas shall be used as a campsite. No sleepovers or all-night events.
  • Fireworks and model rockets are prohibited in all City of Greenville parks. Bona fide firework displays proposed as part of an activity are exempt with written permission from the City Fire Marshall and a Special Event Permit.
  • Smoke bombs, confetti, rice, birdseed, sparklers, Chinese lanterns and all other activities that would leave stains and/or trash in the park are prohibited. 
  • Admission charges, sales and other profit-making activities are prohibited. Conducting or soliciting of any business, trade, or occupation, including the sale of food, refreshments or merchandise, the taking of photographs and motion pictures for commercial use, and the instructing of classes or giving lessons at a charge to participants or for the purpose of promoting a commercial enterprise is prohibited unless proper permits have been obtained. 
  • Disposing of cremation ashes on public property is prohibited.