Stormwater Utility

The City operates a stormwater utility established and guided by the Stormwater Ordinance, a Stormwater Management Plan, and a number of City policies that address the key principles and requirements of managing the stormwater system.

The Asset Management Program policy defines role and responsibilities and sets scope and goals for the Stormwater Utility operation. The Extent of Service (EOS) policy describes the components of the storm drainage system maintained by the City. The Level of Service (LOS) policy establishes the strategic program goals for the stormwater program and the tactical service goals that guide the maintenance activities for the stormwater drainage system.

Sample Stormwater Drainage System

City Stormwater Ordinance

The stormwater ordinance provides comprehensive regulatory requirements consistent with the goals of the Greenville Stormwater Management Plan and specifies standards for:

  • Floodplain management
  • Soil erosion and sediment control
  • Stormwater drainage and detention/retention
  • Wetland and stream protection

View the Stormwater Ordinance, Chapter 19 of the Land Management Ordinance
View the Stormwater Permit Workflow Chart (PDF)

Revisions to the stormwater ordinance that have been approved and included in the City’s requirements but are not yet reflected in the municipal code document can be viewed at Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Codified.