Infill Development

Ordinance Revision: Single-family Residential Infill Standards

Proposed changes to infill development standards will allow the city to balance growth while maintaining the character and affordability of its neighborhoods. The new ordinance addresses three areas:

  • Structures: adds additional conditions for garages and carports that open onto a front yard, allows circular drives under certain conditions
  • Stormwater: adds regulations and guidelines for impervious surfaces, to reduce potential for flooding
  • Trees: adds regulations to encourage retention of heritage trees, trees planted along the front property edge and tree planting on property in general.

The infill standards fit within the GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan goals to provide for neighborhood protection and to slow gentrification. The draft revision will go to the Planning Commission for recommendation in January 2022 before formal consideration by City Council.

View the draft Infill Ordinance (PDF)
Guideline for Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development (PDF)

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