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Design and Specifications Manual

Below is the latest revision of the City of Greenville Design and Specifications Manual published by the Engineering Division. You will also find a matrix of the current pre-approved details and notes for inclusion in land development plans for projects within the City. The purpose of the Design and Specifications Manual (DSM) is to establish minimum standards and provide guidance for the design and construction of land development projects and utility installations within the City of Greenville. The manual will assist developers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, inspectors and property owners in the best practical design for site development and redevelopment related activities.

Please continue to check this page to make sure your manual is up to date. The Engineering Division will post all amendments and revisions of the DSM to this page, and every reasonable effort will be made to notify the design community. If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a pre-permit conference, please call the Engineering Division at 864-467-4400. We look forward to working with you; we recognize the success of your development is linked to the success of our City.

Latest Revision: Chapter 8, Wastewater Utility, was revised to clarify warranty and bonding period procedures. Additionally, an updated warranty form and sample warranty period bond are included in Appendix D.

Download the complete DSM (4.4 MB)

Download Individual Details Adobe Acrobat Divisions
1000 General Civil 1000-General Civil.pdf (3.1 MB)
2000 Wastewater Utility 2000-WastewaterUtility.pdf
(389 KB)
3000 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control 3900.pdf

1000 General Civil
10:00 Streets Acrobat
10:00 Sheet 1 Alley 1000.pdf
10:01 Sheet 1 Local Residential Street 1001.pdf
10:02 Sheet 1 Local Low Volume Residential Street 1002.pdf
10:03 Sheet 1 Local Residential Street With On-Street Parking 1003.pdf
10:04 Sheet 1 Main Street 1004.pdf
10:05 Sheet 1 Collector 1005.pdf
10:06 Sheet 1 Arterial 1006.pdf
10:07 Sheet 1 Collector & Arterial Minimum Pavement Section 1007.pdf
10:08 Sheet 1 Cul-de-Sac 1008.pdf
11:00 Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Acrobat
11:00 Sheet 1 Concrete Curb and Gutter 1100.pdf
11:01 Sheet 1 Curb End Taper 1101.pdf
11:02 Sheet 1 Concrete Sidewalk 1102.pdf
11:03 Sheet 1 Expansion Joints and Scoring Lines 1103.pdf
11:04 Sheet 1 Sidewalk with Curb Lawn 1104.pdf
12:00 Miscellaneous Street Elements Acrobat
12:00 Sheet 1 Street Name Sign 1200.pdf
12:01 Sheet 1 Concrete Median 1201.pdf
12:02 Sheet 1 1202-1.dwg 1202-1.pdf
  Sheet 2 Speed Hump 1202-2.pdf
12:03 Sheet 1 Nuisance Trough 1203.pdf
13:00 Driveways Acrobat
13:00 Sheet 1 Commercial Driveway I - Curb Lawn Less Than 7'-4" 1300-1.pdf
  Sheet 2 Commercial Driveway I - Curb Lawn Less Than 7'-4" 1300-2.pdf
13:01 Sheet 1 Commercial Driveway II - Curb Lawn 7'-4" or Greater 1301-1.pdf
  Sheet 2 Commercial Driveway II - Curb Lawn 7'-4" or Greater 1301-2.pdf
13:02 Sheet 1 Residential Driveway 1302-1.pdf
  Sheet 2 Residential Driveway 1302-2.pdf
14:00 Handicap Accessibility Acrobat
14:00 Sheet 1 Handicap Ramp I - Curb Lawn Less Than 6'- 0" 1400.pdf
14:01 Sheet 1 Handicap Ramp II - Curb Lawn Less Than 6'- 0" to 7'- 4" 1401.pdf
14:02 Sheet 1 Handicap Ramp III - Curb Lawn 7'- 4" & Greater 1402.pdf
14:03 Sheet 1 Handicap Ramp IV - Return Curb 1403.pdf
14:04 Sheet 1 Handicap Ramp Construction Notes 1404.pdf
14:05 Sheet 1 Detectable Warning Surface 1405.pdf
14:06 Sheet 1 Handicap Accessibility Striping 1406.pdf
14:07 Sheet 1 Handicap Accessibility Symbol 1407.pdf
14:08 Sheet 1 Handicap Accessibility Sign 1408.pdf
15:00 Parking Facility Standards Acrobat
15:00 Sheet 1 Parking Standards 1500.pdf
15:01 Sheet 1 On-Street Parallel Parking 1501.pdf
15:02 Sheet 1 Precast Wheel Stop 1502.pdf
16:00 Non-Street Paving Sections Acrobat
16:00 Sheet 1 Asphalt Paving Sections 1600.pdf
16:01 Sheet 1 Concrete Paving Section 1601.pdf
16:02 Sheet 1 Pervious Concrete Paving Section 1602.pdf
2000 Wastewater Utility
20:00 Ring and Cover Acrobat
20:00 Sheet 1 Heavy Duty Ring and Cover 2000.pdf
20:01 Sheet 1 Watertight Ring and Cover 2001.pdf
21:00 Manhole and Related Elements Acrobat
21:00 Sheet 1 Precast Concrete Manhole 2100.pdf
21:01 Sheet 1 Precast Concrete Shallow Manhole 2101.pdf
21:02 Sheet 1 Drop Manhole 2102.pdf
21:03 Sheet 1 Manhole Invert Shaping 2103.pdf
21:04 Sheet 1 Manhole Step 2104.pdf
21:05 Sheet 1 Flexible Boot Connection 2105.pdf
21:06 Sheet 1 Manhole Vent Pipe 2106.pdf
22:00 Wastewater Main Standards Acrobat
22:00 Sheet 1 Allowable Pipe Material and Depths 2200.pdf
22:01 Sheet 1 Sewer and Water Main Horizontal Separation 2201.pdf
22:02 Sheet 1 Sewer and Water Crossing Separation 2202.pdf
22:03 Sheet 1 Sewer and Other Utility Crossing Separation 2203.pdf
23:00 Pipe Bedding and Trench Repair Acrobat
23:00 Sheet 1 Pipe Bedding 2300.pdf
23:01 Sheet 1 Pavement Repair for Utility Cuts 2301.pdf
23:02 Sheet 1 Unpaved Surface Repair for Utility Cuts 2302.pdf
24:00 Wastewater Main Special Installations Acrobat
24:00 Sheet 1 Concrete Anchor 2400.pdf
24:01 Sheet 1 Steel Encasement and Carrier Pipe 2401.pdf
24:02 Sheet 1 Aerial Pipe Corssing with Steel Casing 2402.pdf
25:00 Service Connections Acrobat
25:00 Sheet 1 Saddle Connection for Live Wastewater Mains 2500.pdf
25:01 Sheet 1 Service Connection (All Other) 2501.pdf
25:02 Sheet 1 Cleanout Frame and Cover 2502.pdf
25:03 Sheet 1 Precast Service Connection Pier 2503.pdf
25:04 Sheet 1 Pipe Strap 2504.pdf
29:00 Standard Notes Acrobat
29:00 Sheet 1 Wastewater General Notes 2900.pdf
3000 Division: Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
39:00 Standard Notes Acrobat
39:00 Sheets 1-3 Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Notes 3900.pdf
All Details
The City of Greenville currently defaults to the SCDHEC standard details. All pages of the applicable details must be included within the plan set.

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Michael Murphy
Director of Public Works

Dwayne Cooper, P.E.
Engineering Services Manager

Clint Link, P.E.
Assistant City Engineer -

Jacqueline Chelbezan, P.E., P.H., C.F.M.
Assistant City Engineer -

Valerie Holmes, P.E.
Assistant City Engineer -

John Brogdon
Construction Inspection Manager

William Lawrence
Office Manager

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