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Construction Inspection

photo of a sign hanging in the public right-of-way
Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way

Permits are required for any encroachment into the City’s right of way. Surface Encroachments include any permanent structures placed in the right of way, such as handicap ramps, retaining walls, etc., that otherwise would be impossible to place on private property. Air Rights Encroachment include balconies, signs, portions of buildings, etc., that hang over into the public right of way.

Surface and Air Rights Encroachments require a $50 application fee and may be filled out in the Construction Inspection office located in the basement of City Hall.

photo of a construction dumpster
Other Construction Disturbances

All other encroachments, including pods, dumpsters, utility installations, driveways and sidewalk closures, etc., are handled with a general encroachment permit.

Encroachment Forms

To expedite the process, you may download the forms online: More information and encroachment forms

Sidewalk construction in Greenville Neighborhood
Capital Project Inspection

Capital Projects include construction of streets, bridges, storm drains, sewer mains, utilities and sidewalks. This includes programs such as NSTEP, Sidewalk Rehabilitation, and the Resurfacing Program. Development agreements and some community development projects include public infrastructure upgrades and/or new construction. All public improvements are inspected by Construction Inspection.

Street Design at Millenium Campus
Project Management

Construction Inspection also performs project management on some Capital projects. Managing projects includes, but is not limited to, providing preliminary cost estimates, Consultant selection, design review, Public meeting coordination, Right of Way and right of entry agreements, project bidding, Contractor selection, contract administration, daily project coordination, and project closeout.

Culvert Design in Greenville Neighborhood
Sediment and Erosion Control

Construction Inspection enforces sediment and erosion control as required by the EPA, DHEC, and City Ordinances. All land disturbing activities, except those specifically excluded by EPA and DHEC, shall have the necessary protections in place to prevent erosion of soil on site and transportation of sediment off site. Certain Sites are required to have a NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit. Failure to comply with sediment and erosion control requirements will result in verbal warnings, written warnings, stop work orders, fines of up to $ 1,277.50 per day, and/or possible enforcement actions by DHEC or the EPA. There are many new technologies and plenty of information to help Developers, Contractors and homeowners comply with these requirements. If you have questions or need any information on erosion and sediment control, please contact the Construction Inspection office and we will be glad to assist. For more information: City of Greenville Design and Specifications Manual (DSM)

Site Grading Permits

Site grading permits require inspections for conformance to approved plans and specifications, and adherence to the Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SWPPP). Public infrastructure such as sewer mains or public streets may be a part of a site grading permit. A preconstruction meeting is required on some sites due to the size and scope. Check your permit requirements and contact Construction Inspection to schedule a preconstruction meeting by calling 864-467-8890.


John Brogdon
Construction Inspection Manager

Shawn Cunningham
Senior Engineering Tech

Jason Muchow
Senior Engineering Tech

Robert Pecqueur
Senior Engineering Tech

J. Chris Stover
Senior Engineering Tech

Durvin Hill
Engineering Tech II

Tim Reid
Engineering Tech II

Pat Thackston

Contact Information

You can reach our office during business hours by calling
Fax: 864-467-8895

We are located at:
206 S. Main St.
(Basement of City Hall)
Greenville, SC

Our mailing address:
City of Greenville
Construction Inspection
P.O. Box 2207
Greenville, SC 29602

or email us with your questions or comments.

Click to Estimate Your Encroachment Fees General Encroachment Fee Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate fees for excavations/physical work in the public right of way.

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