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Green Ribbon Advisory Committee

In 2006, shortly after the City signed on to support the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, an ad hoc "Climate Protection Committee" was formed by the City’s Environmental Program Manager. This committee, along with City staff has met for the last several years, informally advising the City on various sustainable initiatives. In the last several months of 2009, the attention of this group began to focus on formalizing the committee and its structure, operation and responsibilities. The concept of a new Green Ribbon Advisory Committee was presented to City Council at a work session on June 7, 2010.

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Establishing Ordinance

On August 9, 2010, the City Council of the City of Greenville approved the establishment of a Green Ribbon Advisory Committee to support city sustainability efforts.

The ordinance states, "…that the City of Greenville hereby establishes the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee to advise the City Council on sustainability and related environmentally responsible practices in designing, constructing and managing capital improvements and in City operations. The Committee shall assist in the development of a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. The Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by City Council to serve staggered terms of two years each, with initial terms of some members to be one year as a means of addressing the staggered terms of office thereafter. The scope of activities shall be similar to that set forth in the draft bylaws which are attached hereto as an exhibit."

Committee By-Laws

The draft by-laws outline, amongst other details, the Committee’s vision, mission and purpose:

VISION: The City of Greenville will offer and support a sustainable quality of life for its citizens. A sustainable quality of life includes conservation of air, water, energy and land resources, effective minimization and management of waste, good neighborhood planning, and a comprehensive multi-modal transportation network for improved livability. Greenville will be a city in which sustainability is considered instrumental to the long-term success of the City. The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee will be an integral partner of the City and region in encouraging, supporting, and promoting sustainability so that the Greenville community can incorporate sustainability into its analysis and management of economic development, environmental measures, and quality of life.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee shall promote a culture of stewardship within City government and our community to preserve and enhance our natural resources, economic needs and opportunities while addressing quality of life for present and future generations in the City of Greenville. To this end the committee shall recommend and comment upon programs and initiatives which will reduce the City’s environmental impact and distinguish Greenville as a leader in sustainability. In short, the committee’s goal is to “Keep the Green in Greenville.”

PURPOSE: To advise City Council, the City Manager, and other city staff on the development of programs and initiatives, including the development of a “Sustainability and Climate Action Plan,” which will distinguish Greenville as a leader in sustainability efforts.

Meet the Committee

The Green Ribbon Committee has been appointed and is starting to move forward in creating a sustainability action plan for the City of Greenville. The commmittee includes Rita Barker, Rob Howell, Nancy Fitzer, Mark Godfrey, Scott Johnston, Eric Snider, and Doug Webster, who serves as chair. Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza is the City staff liaison.

Apply for An Appointment

The committee will consist of 7 members with staggered terms consisting of 2 years with terms beginning October 1 and ending September 30. (NOTE: The first year will include some 1 year terms in order to establish staggered terms.) The initial appointments to this committee were made in October, 2010. The City of Greenville accepts rolling applications for board and commission positions; you may apply at any time in order to be considered for open positions.
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