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Bike Locker Expansion Underway!

Greenlink has obtained funding to expand its bike locker rental program and is asking area residents to weigh in on where additional Bike Lids should be installed. Greenlink launched its bike locker rental program in 2012 with the installation of four BikeLids – two along Richardson Street outside the Greenlink Transfer Center and two inside the Spring Street Garage downtown. Funding exists for up to 22 additional bike lockers, and Greenlink is asking potential renters to complete a brief online survey about their location preferences. Take the Survey

Secure Lockers Now Available for Rental
photo of bicycle locker

Personal bike lockers, called BikeLids, are now available to rent in the Spring Street Garage and the Greenlink Transfer Center. Each locker comes equipped with an individually keyed lock, giving access to the renter alone. The specially weighted and hinged lids open easily, making bike storage a cinch. The narrow gap between the bottom of the locker and the ground allows for easy security monitoring of the locker, but prevents detrimental access. Rental terms are six months for $50, with a refundable key deposit of $35. The rental agreement form can be accessed below, but must be turned in with the rental fee and key deposit in person at the Greenlink administrative office, located at 100 W. McBee Avenue. Lockers will be rented on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Greenlink at 467-2700 for more information.
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