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Business Licenses

City Staff is available to assist Business Owners All businesses physically located within the city of Greenville are required to have a business license. Additionally, a business license is also required for any business that comes into the city of Greenville to do business.

Business licenses must be purchased each calendar year and are valid from January 1 to December 31.

Anniversary Discount Program Rewards Business Longevity

The City of Greenville will mail anniversary discount checks to 436 business owners as part of its new Anniversary Discount Program, which was developed as a way to reward longevity and recognize city businesses’ contributions and long-term commitment to the community. The discounts, which total $70,774, are based on a business’ start date and the amount of business license tax paid. The maximum anniversary discount that a business can receive is $10,000.

Resident businesses that have a current 2013 business license, are in good standing with the City and have been located in the city of Greenville for at least 10 years as of the effective date of the ordinance (indicated by their business start date) are eligible for discounts based on the longevity milestones.

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Business License Regulations Streamlined

Effective Nov. 27, 2012, the City Council approved a revision of the City business license policy. In an effort to streamline our overall business license program, the City:

  • Provides the 2% early renewal payment discount for resident businesses if paid by Jan. 31;
    View Details in Section 8-72 "Early Payment Discounts for Resident Business License Renewals"
  • Rewards longevity for resident businesses with the new anniversary discount;
    View Details in Section 8-71 "Anniversary Discounts"
  • Streamlines the City's overall business license ordinance;
  • Reduces the business license rate categories from 22 to 15 classifications;
  • Adds a declining rate in the "Service" category;
  • Changes the definition and rate for the "Office Maintained" classification; and
  • Increases business license renewal penalties.

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Business License Applications

Check our Business License Applications page for a complete listing of all the forms you need to apply for a business license.


Business License Information: 864-467-4505

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