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Downtown Trolley

Riding the Downtown Trolley
The City entered into a partnership with the Greenville Drive Baseball Team to make the trolleys available to the public. The Greenville Drive owns the two trolleys, and the City operates and maintains them. Best of all, downtown trolley service is provided to all free of charge.

Whenever there is a home game or special event for the Greenville Drive Baseball Team the trolleys will carry fans between County Square and West End Field. The trolleys start carrying fans 2 hours before the game and will continue carrying fan until one and a half hours after the game or special event.

On weekends when the Greenville Drive does not have a home game or special event, the trolleys will carry guests along a route beginning at West End Field and heading north on Main St. At College Street, the trolleys will turn left and head to Heritage Green, using the bus stop lane in front of the Little Theater to load or unload passengers.

The trolleys will then head toward the North Main area via Atwood and Townes. The route then continues right onto West Earl Street and then onto North Main Street, heading south. The route continues on North Main and then South Main until it reaches West End Field. Here the trolley takes Markley and then Field Street to start the route again.

Guest wishing to ride the trolleys should wait at any intersection and as the trolley approaches simple wave their arms to gain the attention of the driver. With safety in mind, the driver will allow them to board. Under normal circumstances a trolley should pass any location on Main Street about every 35 minutes.

Download a Trolley Map and Schedule