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Encroachment Permits

Encroachment permit forms may be filled out in the Construction Inspection office located in the basement of City Hall. Please read the Permit Form Requirements, and bring all supporting documentation with you to fill out the permit form. This form is required for dumpsters, PODS, temporary access to private property, utility cuts, utility installation, material storage, material loading and unloading, moving vans, single parking space usage, construction in or adjacent to the Right of Way, etc.

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General Encroachment Fee Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate fees for excavations/physical work in the public right of way.

General Encroachments

The City issues general encroachment permits to authorize a variety of work within the public right of way, including construction projects, utility connections and maintenance activities. General encroachment permits are also issued to allow dumpsters and portable storage units to be placed in the right of way. Typical applicants include utility companies, contractors, sub-contractors, homeowners, developers, owner representatives, etc. Applicants/permit holders are responsible for any work that takes place in the right of way for a period of five years. For this reason, the City recommends that the party doing the work be the applicant.

Applications are available online (below) or at City Hall. In addition to completing the application, applicants must also submit a detailed drawing that includes existing features, as well as the proposed work in the right of way. Applications can be submitted by mail, by e-mail to or in person.

General Encroachment Application Use this form to request authorization for construction or blockage within a public right-of-way.

Formal Encroachments

The City issues formal encroachment permits to authorize the installation of portions of buildings, signs, awnings, canopies, facades, footings, walls, planters, etc. in the public right of way, or projecting under/over the public right of way. Formal encroachment permits fall into three categories: surface, sub-surface and air rights. A separate application must be submitted for each category.

A formal encroachment permit is a legally binding agreement between the City and the applicant, and requires approval by City Council or the City Manager. As a result, review of the application and final action may take several weeks. In addition to completing the application, applicants must also submit PE stamped drawings, delineation of property lines, specific dimensions for each projection into the right of way and a properly endorsed certificate of insurance form. Since original documents are required for formal encroachment permits, applications can only be submitted by mail or in person.

Surface Encroachment Application Use this form to request authorization to build a portion of a building, some other component connected to a building or sign within public right-of-way.
Sub-Surface Encroachment Application Use this form to request authorization for any portion of an encroachment specifically underground, like a footing, when the encroachment is part of the structure.
Air Rights Encroachment Application Use this form to request authorization to gives permission to attach a component to a structure which projects over/into public right-of-way. Awnings or blade signs are examples of this.
Structural Air Rights Encroachment Application Use this form to request authorization when any portion of a building above the ground projects over/into the public right-of-way. The encroachment is a part of the structure.


For any excavations, utility installations, driveways, sidewalks, ramps, curbs, or any other physical work in the public right of way, encroachment fees apply.

All excavations shall be backfilled with acceptable backfill, in 8” lifts, compacted to no less than 98% standard Proctor. The City may request testing of backfill to insure compliance with requirements.

Road surface shall be saw cut one foot back of the trench line. All cuts in roadways shall be straight and smooth. Ragged edges shall be saw cut back.

Concrete shall be placed either 6” for low volume road, or 9” for high volume road. Asphalt binder shall be permissible as a base material, provided applicant agrees to mill 2” and repave trench line within 6 months of excavation.

View the City of Greenville Design and Specifications Manual for current details files.

Permit Requirements for Dumpsters

Contractors may be granted one parking space for a dumpster and one parking space for a truck, or for loading and unloading. Presently, there are no fees for this blocking permit. Any additional spaces may be requested from Parking Services at 864-467-4900.

  • Dumpsters in the Central Business District are restricted to 12 CY maximum. Containers shall not block driveways or pedestrian access.
  • Food and household waste are not allowed in dumpsters
  • Dumpsters placed near restaurants shall be covered at night to discourage food and household waste placement.
  • At any time, including special events, the City may require removal of dumpsters.
  • Dumpsters shall not damage any surface.
  • Reflective safety cones shall be placed around dumpsters when facing traffic.
  • Dumpsters must have owner’s name and telephone numbers, as well as applicants name and number attached for notification purposes.
  • Dumpsters shall not be filled over the top of the container. Area around dumpster shall be clean at all times.
  • At any time the dumpster becomes a nuisance, it will be requested that it be removed. In the event that the dumpster is not removed, whether by refusal of the applicant, or due to lack of applicants contact information, the City will confiscate the dumpster, and all applicable fees shall be paid prior to release of the container.
Sidewalk Blocking

Are you interested in using public property or a sidewalk for an outdoor cafe? Cafe Encroachment Info

Presently, there are no fees for blocking a sidewalk.

If permitted, sidewalk closures in the central business district shall allow for a minimum five foot clearance for pedestrian passage through the blockage area. Otherwise, the entire sidewalk shall be closed.

Proper signage shall be required for sidewalk blocking and/or closure. The alternate pedestrian route shall be clearly visible.

If necessary, a temporary structure shall be erected to protect pedestrians from overhead dangers, such as falling debris, tools, water, etc.

At any time, including special events, the City may request that the sidewalk closure be removed.

Temporary sidewalk closures shall be removed, or at least opened to five foot clearance, during the hours from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.


John Brogdon
Construction Inspection Manager

Shawn Cunningham
Senior Engineering Tech

Jason Muchow
Senior Engineering Tech

Robert Pecqueur
Senior Engineering Tech

J. Chris Stover
Senior Engineering Tech

Durvin Hill
Engineering Tech II

Tim Reid
Engineering Tech II

Pat Thackston

Contact Information

You can reach our office during business hours by calling
Fax: 864-467-8895

We are located at:
206 S. Main St.
(Basement of City Hall)
Greenville, SC

Our mailing address:
City of Greenville
Construction Inspection
P.O. Box 2207
Greenville, SC 29602

or email us with your questions or comments.

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