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Planning and Zoning: Sign Design and Approval Process

The City of Greenville regulates signs to ensure public safety, to protect property values, to maintain the visual attractiveness of the city and its environment and to promote the economic well-being of the community. Regulations govern the location, size and type of signs, and require that most signs have permits. With the exception of governmental or institutional signs, no sign may be displayed in a public right-of-way, on a utility pole or on a roadside structure such as a trash can, bus stop, tree or bench. This includes temporary, permanent, permitted or unpermitted signs. Such signs are subject to immediate removal by the City of Greenville.
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Permanent Sign Application

Temporary Sign Application

Contact for Sign Issues

Please contact the Planning & Development Department at 864-467-4476 or email for more information.

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Zoning Code Enforcement Officer

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