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Greenville Neighborhoods

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The City of Greenville recognizes the importance of keeping citizens informed about issues that affect the quality of life in their neighborhoods. We encourage residents to take an active role in their communities and to work together to address the issues and concerns in their individual neighborhoods.

By providing services such as Greenville Cares and a dedicated staff liaison, our goal is to facilitate residents’ engagement in and interaction with local government, and to encourage the development of partnerships between city government, residents and businesses to help ensure that Greenville’s neighborhoods continue to thrive.

Greenville Cares

Greenville Cares logo While City employees are trained to be on the lookout for problems in the community, citizens are our most valuable asset and we need their help to identify and report problems in their neighborhoods. Improved customer service is the purpose of Greenville Cares, which serves as a one-stop shop for citizens looking for a simple way to report problems, request City services or obtain general City-related information.

Communication Manager

The City's Communications Manager works closely with neighborhood associations, keeping them informed of City services, plans and programs that affect their neighborhoods; providing guidance in resolving neighborhood issues; assisting in planning and implementation of neighborhood projects and acting as an advocate for neighborhood-friendly solutions within the City’s organizational structure. Other services include:

  • Assistance in neighborhood association formation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Assistance with neighborhood association mailings (on a limited basis)
  • Assistance in development of newsletters for neighborhood associations
  • Assistance in coordination of neighborhood clean-up
  • Coordination of speakers for neighborhood association meetings
  • Quarterly luncheons for neighborhood association presidents
  • Advertisement of neighborhood association events on City TV channels
  • Neighborhood association contact page and links on City web site