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Traffic Impact Analysis Warrant Form

  1. Trip Generation Calculation
    Calculations must be made using the most recent edition of the ITE Trip Generation Manual. Calculations must be attached with form.
  2. Please upload your calculation documents. Accepted formats are Word, Excel, PDF or Zip files.
  3. Thresholds from Section 19-6.10.2:
    New construction or addition (100 peak hour trips generated by the development); and/or substantial improvement or change of use (125 peak hour trips generated by the development)
  4. TIA warranted?*
  5. Developer Contact Information
  6. Engineer Contact Information
  7. Notes
    City staff reserves the right to check and/or disagree with calculations and assumptions made. The Assistant City Engineer - Traffic will determine intersections to be included in the TIA. If a TIA is warranted, completion of the TIA is a condition of project approval. The TIA and associated counts and raw data will be turned over to the City when complete. Calculations must show all applicable land use codes and equations. No 3rd party forms will be accepted.
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