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A message from Chief Kovalcik to the Citizens of the City of Greenville

The Greenville City Fire Department was established in 1876 with the mission of saving lives and protecting property. Originally, this mission was accomplished solely by fighting fires. Although the fundamental mission remains the same, the Fire Department of today performs a much wider variety of duties. The staff of the Greenville City Fire Department carries out its modern day mission with an emphasis on fire prevention, public education, risk reduction, and hazard abatement, in addition to fire and rescue response and control. We still fight fire, but we also respond to other emergency situations including vehicle extrications, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, high-angle rescue, structural collapse, swift water rescue, and any natural or man-made disasters.

photo of firefighter at top of ladder using a hose to extinguish a fire

Utilizing the Fire and Life Safety Codes adopted by City Council, the Building Codes Division and Fire Prevention Division provide an inspection and permitting program to make our built environment safer for all City residents, business owners, customers, and visitors. In addition, public fire and life safety education programs are presented year round to both general and select audiences through direct contact, special presentations, and media releases.

The men and women of the Greenville City Fire Department are committed to fulfilling our modern day mission and to continually improving our ability to meet the goal of making the City of Greenville as safe as possible its citizens.

Stephen Kovalcik
Fire Chief


206 S. Main Street
2nd Floor
Greenville, SC 29601
Telephone: 864-467-4445