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Springwood and Richland Cemetery Viewer

Quickstart Guide

The Cemetery Viewer allows easy access to locate specific interments (graves) or deeded lots in the Springwood and Richland cemeteries. You can search interments by name or death date, and search plots by name or number. Move the mouse over the map to popup interment information and headstone photos.

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Map Legend
red bullet icon

Marked graves are displayed as a red dot and located by visible evidence of a headstone.

green bullet icon

Unmarked graves are displayed as a green dot and randomly located within a plot by the plot number recorded in cemetery records.

family marker icon

Family Markers are located on the map and contain only the family name.

binoculars icon

Selected record locations from an active search are shown on the map with the binoculars symbol.

camera icon

Click camera symbol to open a larger headstone photo in a new window

info icon

Click info symbol for more information

Searching Records
screenshot of Search Window
  1. Use the Search window as shown above, select which cemetery you wish to search from the cemetery pull down box.
  2. Choose one of the search types by clicking on the appropriate symbol:

    • Search by NameSearch by Name: Enter Last Name (required) and First Name (optional)

    • Search by DateSearch by Date of Death: Select one or more from Month, Day, Year

    • Search Plots by Owner NameSearch for Plots by Owner Name: enter Last Name (required) and First Name (optional)

    • Search Plots by Plot NumberSearch for Plots by Plot Number

    • Search Interments Using Frequent Searches: Military and Who’s WhoSearch Interments Using Frequent Searches: Military and Who’s Who

    • Search by Drawing a GraphicSearch by Drawing a Graphic (point, line, polygon)

  3. Search results are shown in the Search Window. Click on one of the results to zoom to that location on the map and view the headstone in a Map Popup Window.
Additional Search Window Symbols
export icon

Show the selected record details in a table and export to CSV format

Re-display icon

Re-display the current search results in Search Window

minimize icon

Minimize the Search Window to the right. Click to re-open.

close icon

Close the Search Window. To reopen, select Search from the Tools Menu

Map Popup Windows
screenshot of map popup window

To turn off the Map Popup windows when the mouse is moved across the map, open the Tools Menu, select the Map Popup and use the check boxes to toggle the availability of mouse-over information. When the Map Popup windows are disabled, information can still be obtained by clicking on the headstone marker.

Changing Cemeteries

To change location to the other cemetery, open the Tools Menu tools icon and select "Zoom to Cemetery."

Did You Know?

Go to the City Cemetery Viewer You can use the city Cemetery Viewer to search burial records in Springwood and Richland Cemeteries. Click the icon at left to get started!