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Posted on: January 12, 2022

Have a Plan Ahead of Potential Winter Weather

Snow in Greenville

With the upcoming freezing temperatures and the potential for winter storms, Public Works director Clint Link is mobilizing street crews to pre-treat city roads on Saturday. "We’ll be implementing our plan, hitting our streets, our bridges, public sidewalks," Link said. "We’ll hope for the best and plan for the worst.”

Interim Fire Chief Brian Horton encourages residents to keep clear of the roadways, to make it easier for work crews and emergency services to do their job. Chief Horton also reminds residents to review their emergency plans at home, by stocking supplies like rock salt and shovels to mitigate ice and snow. Additionally, Horton recommends families make sure they know how to shut off water valves in case of a pipe burst and be prepared for possible isolation with sufficient food and a safe method of heating. 

“We have be very careful of heating if we lose power," Horton said. "If you have a kerosene heater, make sure it's not around combustibles. Have flashlights and batteries prepared. If you have a generator, make sure you check that the generator is not inside a building. Make sure it's not close to an opening where you're getting that carbon monoxide coming into buildings. Get a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.”

Check out more information from the National Fire Prevention Association to help Put a Freeze on Winter Fires.

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