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city of greenville sc

Office of the City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as liaison between City Council and its constituents and is custodian of City Council’s legislative history and other official records of the City including the City Charter, City Code, City Seal, Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions, Annexations, and Council District and Zoning maps. The City Clerk is appointed by the City Manager and works closely with the City Attorney, the Mayor and members of City Council. Functions of the City Clerk include, but are not limited to, the following:

Administrative and Legislative

  • Records, prepares and maintains official actions of Council
  • Prepares, distributes and publishes Meeting Calendars and Agendas of City Council meetings
  • Attests to City Council actions
  • Provides administrative support to City Council
  • Administers Oaths of Office or affirmations to elected and appointed city officials
  • Serves as filing officer for actions involving litigation, petitions and subpoenas
Boards and Commissions
  • Serves as Coordinator of Boards and Commissions
  • Maintains and manages database of applications, members, terms, vacancies, and expirations
  • Maintains and distributes Boards and Commissions literature
Archives and Records Management
  • Maintains and administers updates of supplements and codifications of Code of Ordinances
  • Serves as custodian of City Council records and certifies copies of such records
  • Responsible for retrieval, storage and preservation of City Council records
  • Ensures records are available for public inspection
  • Serves as election officer for the City
  • Serves as staff liaison to Municipal Election Commission
  • Coordinates city election activities with the Greenville County Elections Commission
  • Prepares, distributes and publishes notices of filing dates and deadlines
  • Receives petitions from candidates
  • Maintains Ethics Forms and assists with filing