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Nonpartisan Elections

Ordinance No. 2014-25, passed on May 12, 2014, Ordinance to establish nonpartisan municipal elections in the city of Greenville by amending Chapter 14, “Nominations and Elections,” of the City of Greenville Code of Ordinances
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Quick Facts on Nonpartisan Municipal Elections

The change to nonpartisan municipal elections...

  • Would not prohibit or limit the ability of candidates to declare an affiliation as a member of a political party, such as Republican or Democrat.
  • Would not prohibit or limit the capacity of the parties to endorse a single candidate or slate of candidates.
  • Would not change the number of seats on City Council or the Greenville Water Commission.
  • Would not change the term of years for a City Council or Water Commission seat.
  • Would not change the electoral district boundaries.
  • Would not change the polling places where people vote.
  • Would not change the November date of the general municipal elections.