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Welcome to the
Nicholtown Neighborhood Association
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Beautiful Places, Beautiful Lives

Representing the following Community Clusters:

  • HAAS
  • Eastover
  • Webster Road
  • Greenacre Dale
  • Evergreen Place
  • Heritage Hill
  • Glenn Road/Catlin
  • Nicholtown Proper
Meeting Schedule The Nicholtown Neighborhood Association meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Nicholtown Community Center, located at 112 Rebecca Street, Greenville SC 29607.
Mission Statement The NNA, Inc. will help improve the living conditions of its families, while beautifying the Neighborhood Clusters.
Vision Statement We will restore the high standard of living set by the founders in the early 1900s and reclaim the neighborhood to be one of the best in Greenville, SC.
Value Statement A Commitment to Service
We will secure a facility that can house programs and offer families information needed to increase their opportunities of quality employment, housing, safe environments, health services, and other social services.

A Commitment to Safety
We will assist with the removal of criminal elements from our doors, providing families the security to move freely within the neighborhood.

A Commitment to Youth
We will assist in the development of schools and recreational facilities for families.

A Commitment to Growth
We will become an inviting area where quality home ownership is the norm and our elderly can enjoy assisted living services.

A Commitment to Excellence
 We will continue to seek high standards of excellence, with dedicated neighbors working as a team for the good of all families.
Executive Board Delores Durham, President
Helen Nixon, Secretary
Sylvia Palmer, Assistant Secretary
Alan Mitchell, Financial Secretary
Louella Butler, Parliamentarian
Meghan Meier, Communications
Yvonne S. Reeder, Past President
NNA Advisors The Honorable Chandra Dillard
The Honorable Xanthene Norris
The Honorable Ralph Anderson
The Honorable Fletcher Smith
Mrs. Donna Coleman, Legal Counselor
NNA Community Team Leaders Economic & Community Development: Ms. Sylvia Palmer
Safety: Samuel Smith
Welcome and Hospitality: Ms. Donna Byers
Education: Ms. Glenda Fair
Life Changing Events: Mrs. Delores Durham
Communication: Ms. Margaret McJunkin
Historical: Mrs. Yvonne S. Reeder
Architectural Review: Ms. Carrie Mingo

NNA Leadership Development Team James Bennett
Juanita Bennett
Henrietta Bradford
Louella Butler
Mattie Chandler
Bernice Crawley
Heartie Ferguson
Ann Fuller
Willie Fuller
Tom Jefferson
Ray Latimore
Sylvia Palmer
Maybelle Randolph
Samuel Smith
Betty Thompson
Claudia Mack
Yvonne Reader Smith
Carrie Mingo

Legislative Team The Honorable Chandra Dillard
The Honorable Ralph Anderson
The Honorable Xanthene Norris
The Honorable Jil Littlejohn
Mrs. Donna Coleman, Legal Counselor

For More Information The Nicholtown Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 5372
Greenville, SC 29606