Building Permits

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We are now accepting electronic plan submittals!
Please review our electronic submittal guidelines. This document is subject to change, please always check for our latest version.
Electronic Submittal Guidelines (PDF)
How To Upload Files (PDF)
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City of Greenville Permit Center.

Site Plan Permit Applications

Pursuant to Section 19-2.3.9, Site Plan Permit, all development or redevelopment of any structure or parcel of land within the City requires the issuance of a Site Plan Permit prior to the issuance of any other building or construction related permit.
  •  Non-Single Family Site Application (e-form)
    This application is for non-single family site plans. If you have a single family site plan, it should be a part of your building permit application
  • Grading/Land Disturbance Application (e-form)
    A Grading/Land Disturbance Permit must be purchased from the City before land disturbing activities can occur. A Land Disturbance Permit may not be purchased until after a Site Plan Permit and if applicable, a Stormwater Permit, have been approved.

Building Permit Applications

  • Building Permit Application (e-form)
    This application should be used when applying for any residential or commercial permit to do building related work. This could be used for projects as simple as building a retaining wall, deck, remodeling an existing building or a new single family home.

Certificate of Occupancy Applications    

Trade Permit Applications

Revision Submittals

Special Inspection Procedure

Requirements for third party inspections. Special inspectors must be licensed through Labor License & Regulation (LLR).

Other Permit Applications