Election Guidelines

  1. Single-Member Districts & At-Large Seats

    Candidates offering for the office of City Council shall be elected at-large and from single-member districts as provided in this section.

  2. Terms of Office

    Check out the terms of office for Mayor, Council members, and the Commissioner of Public Works.

  3. Method of Nomination

    View the different types of methods of nomination for municipal elections.

  4. Nomination & Election Schedule

    The beginning and ending dates for nomination and election events held in each municipal general election year shall be in accordance with the schedule.

  5. Filing Instructions & Deadlines

    Review the requirements for candidates filing for office with the City of Greenville.

  6. Campaign Signs

    Candidates who use campaign signs must conform to certain requirements and guidelines.

  7. Election & Taking Office Dates

    Find out the election dates and the date that City officials take office in the City of Greenville.

  8. Contest of Result

    Learn about the regulations regarding contesting election results.