The Engineering Division consists of administrative, professional and technical personnel organized within four respective disciplines.
  1. Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Find out how the Civil Engineering Division manages capital improvement projects to include pavement and sidewalk construction, as well as other roadway and transportation projects.

  2. Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Engineering

    Explore the Environmental Engineering Department of Greenville and learn about how they provide wastewater and stormwater utilities to the city.

  3. Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Engineering provides safe and efficient flow through the use of signage, pavement markings, and traffic signal system operations.

  4. Construction Inspection

    Construction Inspection

    The construction inspection aspect of Greenville Engineering is made up of many different jobs and duties such as encroachments, construction disturbances, capital project inspections and more.

  5. Design & Specifications Manual

    Design & Specifications Manual

    Explore the Design and Specifications Manual published by the Engineering Division to establish minimum standards and provide guidance for the design and construction of land development projects.