Neighborhood Programs

The City of Greenville has a number of neighborhood-based programs that are designed to identify needed improvements and give residents an opportunity to work with the City to make their neighborhoods safer and more attractive.
  1. 50/50 Program

    Through this program, residents can petition the City for improvements to streets, sidewalks, curb and gutters or request installation of new sidewalks and curb and gutter in their neighborhoods.

  2. Greenville Tree Foundation

    Through the foundation, residents can donate money to have trees planted within a park, in a public open space, along a greenway, or in the public right-of-way on their street.

  3. Neighborhood Watch

    The Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Program allows the community to take a more active role in the prevention and deterrence of crime by reporting suspicious activities.

  4. NSTEP Program

    The Neighborhood Sidewalk Targeted Expansion Program (NSTEP) was developed to address the need for new sidewalk all over the City.

  5. Traffic Management

    Request information about traffic calming and how you have speeding issues addressed in your neighborhood.

  6. Weather the Storm Program

    The Weather the Storm Program has been signed to streamline the process for burying residential service lines and to make it an affordable option for homeowners by providing financial assistance.