1. Bus Advertising

    Greenlink bus advertising can drive your business throughout Greenville and surrounding areas at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Greenlink buses cover an average of nearly 200 miles per day. That’s 5000 miles in a month!

  2. Bike Lockers

    Learn all about rental information for bike lockers and bike lids, available at the Spring Street Garage and the Greenlink Transfer Center.

  3. Passenger Orientation

    Greenlink Passenger Orientation

  4. Paratransit Information

    Greenville Area Paratransit (GAP) is an American with Disabilities Act paratransit service provided for individuals who, because of their disability, are unable to use Greenlink's fixed route bus service. Learn all about eligibility, service hours, and service area. From this page you can also schedule rides and file appeals.

  5. Rider Information

    Learn about bus transfers, riding the bus, exiting the bus, boarding the bus, and much more.

  6. Trolley

    Downtown trolleys add to the excitement and enjoyment of Greenville’s Main Street experience. The trolleys seat 35 passengers, are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with bicycle racks