Cleveland Park Stream Restoration

The purpose of the Cleveland Park stream restoration project is to perform ecological restoration activities while maintaining and enhancing the aesthetic qualities of Cleveland Park. The scope of work includes stabilizing severely eroding streambanks and reconnecting approximately 500 feet of a Reedy River tributary with its floodplain to promote water quality improvements in the area of the park between Woodland Way and Woodland Way Circle. 

Reconnecting the tributary with its floodplain will facilitate more frequent, milder flooding events during smaller storms to utilize the floodplain as a filter, removing pollutants from runoff in the stream and encouraging deposition onto the field adjacent to the stream. Water quality will also be improved by regrading the streambanks to prevent sediment from leaving the site, placing structures in the stream, and planting native vegetation along the stream.

Every effort is being made to prevent damage to the mature hardwood trees in this area; however, due to the need to adjust channel design and slopes, remove invasive plants, and remove dead trees, some trees have been removed. The entire area will be replanted with native vegetation and the existing saplings will grow quickly with the more open canopy and additional sunlight.

Construction activities along the tributary will include raising the channel invert to flatten the slope and slow down the water flow, and creating a stable channel geometry that meanders through mature hardwoods, while utilizing the existing channel alignment as much as possible. The channel will then be stepped down with log and rock structures to the existing channel invert near the pedestrian bridge crossing. The new channel will be stabilized with coir fiber mats, grass, live stakes, and bare roots plants to prevent erosion.