Infill Development

What Is Infill?

Infill is new development or redevelopment of vacant or underutilized land within existing developed areas.

Source: Municipal Research & Service Center (MRSC) of Washington, Infill Development: Completing the Community Fabric, 04-09

Residential Infill Task Force

This Task Force was formed by the City Council after receiving feedback from residents that there were a large number of infill projects underway and that people were concerned about what the impact on existing neighborhoods. Their mission is to seek a balance that maintains the character and integrity of Greenville’s neighborhoods while allowing growth and promoting good infill development. The City Council adopted Residential Infill Standards by Ordinance in August 2014, and subsequently adopted modifications to the Standards in January 2015.  The Infill Committee continues to meet to evaluate and fine tune these regulations.

Task Force Members

Member Organization Title

Thomas Croft

Croft Architecture

Residential Architect

John Edwards

LS3P Residential

Residential Architect

David Crigler

Prudential C. Dan Joyner


Amanda Jones

Coldwell Bank Caine


Michael Dey

Home Builders Association of Greenville


Bruce Felton

Sadler Company

Single Family Builder

Trey Cole

Trey Cole Design


Matt Ruth

Moebius LLC


Matthew Johnson

Ogletree Deakins

Planning Commission

Deborah McKetty

Community Works


Wil Brasington

Alta Vista


Robert Benedict

Hampton Pinckney


Robert Bainbridge

North Main


David Mitchell



Jil Littlejohn    


City Council

Amy Ryberg Doyle


City Council